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New Born

For the fresh, sleepy & squishy new babies.


Life’s most precious moments are when you’re holding your little bub. The teeny fingers and toes, the scrunchy eyes, the occasional smiles, and the beautiful baby smell - all of these combine to make picture-perfect images that you want to remember all your life. With my camera, I capture the beautiful emotions and endless love of such moments. These photos create a timeless montage of memories that you will keep going back to at special moments in your and your newborn’s life. 


I recommend that the sessions take place in my Studio when your baby is between 7-21 days old. My home studio has a lovely ambiance to make the baby and the mother feel relaxed and comfortable, and I also have a guest room available for feeding and changing the baby. The newborn shoot slots fill out quite early, so I strongly suggest booking slots in the last trimester of pregnancy to ensure we do not miss out on the small window to capture the best newborn shots. 


I include a variety of poses in my shoot, all pre decided with the parents. The session is entirely led by the baby and I work with the baby's moods and tantrums. I strive to use natural light as much as possible, and hence it’s necessary to do the shoots during day time. Before each shoot, I spend time with parents planning out the session including things like colour preferences, setups, poses etc. 

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