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Being a mother is perhaps the greatest gift that any woman can have. As the quote goes “For when a baby is born the mother also is born again”. Pregnancy is difficult, but it’s also a beautiful time when a little human is growing inside your incredible body. There’s an ethereal beauty and strength in pregnancy, and that is what I focus on in my maternity sessions. It’s all about celebrating this beautiful period in your life, and creating memories for you, your family, and for the amazing life inside you.


My home studio has a lovely ambiance to make the mother feel relaxed and comfortable, and I also have a guest room available for your changes. All indoor studio sessions take place in my home studio. Before each shoot, I spend time with parents planning out the session including things like colour preferences, clothes, setups, poses etc. I also have a variety of gowns/dresses that the moms can use for no additional charge!

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